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I'm a full-time working
professional, single mom with two adolescents.  I
finished graduate school in May of 2002 and moved to Southern California. Now, I spend a great deal of time on the highway.

This is me.

However, in have spare time, I like to take photographs.  I have two cameras -- an old Canon 35 mm SLR and a new Olympus digital. A few years ago, I participated in a great project that offered me the opportunity to travel to all parts of the US and I took my camera along.

I went to Europe in the spring of 2001 and my Canon accompanied me there as well. I have since invested in an Olympus Camedia C3000 ZOOM digital camera. Now, I'm in Southern California and the scenery provides a beautiful backdrop for my photography.

The next few pages include the photographs I've taken during the past few years. (Ok, so there's one that I didn't take.)

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you enjoy it. Please take a moment to sign my guest book or e-mail me and let me know what you think of my photographs (or anything else that may be on your mind). Check back once in awhile because I do add new pages from time to time.

Click any link below to begin the tour.  It takes a while so you can quit at any time.

European Adventure 2001: Photographs of Dublin, London, Paris and Madrid
Where in the World?:  Lucky Bunny's own website
DC Landmarks:  Photographs of Washington, D.C.
Kansas City Here I Come: Photographs of Kansas City, Missouri
Miami Nice: Photographs of Miami Beach, Florida
A Day at the Beach: Photographs of a southern California beach
Tequila Sunset: Photographs of Tijuana, Mexico
Wacky Washington: More photographs of Washington, D.C.
Three Seasons in Des Moines: Photographs of Des Moines, Iowa
Houston, We Have Lift Off: Photographs of Houston, Texas
August in Southeast Iowa: Photographs of a hometown lake
Welcome to Miami: More photographs of Miami, Florida
Snow Day: Photographs of a snowy Des Moines
The Old Market: Photographs of Omaha, Nebraska
Remember the Alamo?: Photographs of San Antonio, Texas
America's Finest City:  Photographs of San Diego, California

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