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Hi!  My name is Rachel and I'll be 13 years old in January.  I live in Iowa where the old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather now, just wait a few minutes and it will change."  I have a dorkie brother who is 16.  Here are a couple of things I wrote a couple of years ago for my fifth-grade class.


Blue birds twist while on fire
Paint boxes bursting red sparks
Clouds exploding, popping out green
Meteor showers sparkling purple.
Glitter gold colors splashing in the sky.  It is thundering
violet colors while volcanoes are exploding.

A war is going on
and they're blasting yellow fireworks.
Silver bombs bursting in the air while people make things to go


First you go to the freezer, open it up and get the ice cream out.  Then you put it in the cone.  You also eat your ice cream cone with manners.  You be sure you don't make too much noise.

After that, you go outside and scream for more.  You go back inside and get a bowl and go to the freezer to get some ice cream.  Whatever kind you want.  Get a spoon and scoop some out.  If you are a real ice cream lover, you would just get a spoon, tub or box of ice cream and just dig in.  I would put the ice cream cone and lick up all the drips. If I go to the Dairy Queen, I would get all the ice cream there.  I would get the biggest ice cream cone and ask somebody to help me eat it.

====== Love, Rachel ======

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