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fter catching up on some much-needed rest, I spent most of Sunday exploring the neighborhood near the hotel.  Very few shops are open on Sunday.  We found another plaza with a canal flowing through it.  We also found a small grocery that carried M&Ms.  Yes!

Monday, we took the Metro to the European Space Agency (top).  Tuesday, we visited the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  We toured the Chateau de la Muette, the site of the German Naval Command and after the Allied liberation, the headquarters for the U.S. Naval Command.  The architecture fascinated me (below).

A small group of us visited the first French fire station (left).  Capitaine Phillippe Henry spoke English and he was extremely generous with his time.  The station also serves as a military installation so we felt extremely fortunate to be afforded access.

On Monday night, our last in Paris, we visited the Louvre.  We saw the original Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, but that was about it.  The building is so big that my partner and I kept circling the French and Italian painters' section.  We could not find our way out.  Another party in our group joined us and we circled the section again before finally finding the exit. 


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