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ensington Palace lies at the edge of Hyde Park, one of the most beautiful parks I've ever seen.  Queen Victoria resided at the palace before she became queen.  The statue of Victoria at top left was sculpted by her daughter, one of Victoria's eight children.  After Prince Charles and Diana were married they resided at Kensington Palace.  Although I didn't  have an opportunity to go inside, I hear the palace is dark and gloomy and it's rumored that Diana hated it.  The ornate gate at the top right is the site where flowers were placed after Diana's death.  They were several feet deep and several yards long and wide.  Fresh flowers in remembrance of Diana had been placed at the gate prior to my arrival.  Although the inside of the palace may have been stark, there's nothing gloomy about the outside as the photograph below left features the palace gardens.  The medallion shown at bottom right is one of many embedded in the sidewalk throughout the area.  It reads, "The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk."


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