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The top of the Eiffel Tower was cold, windy and rainy.  When the tower started to move, I decided it was time to go.

The Seine flows to the northeast past the Eiffel Tower before straightening out and bending to the south.

The Palais de Chaillot, built for the Paris Exhibition of 1937, houses four museums, two theaters, a library and a restaurant.  Drummers performed the two nights we were there.  Gardens surround a pool of fountains.  The Eiffel Tower at night from the center platform at the Palais was breathtaking.

Below, I had my picture taken with the Eiffel Tower and to the left is l'Arc de Triomphe at nightfall and below it is the Seine as it flows to the east.

Other shots from the top of the tower include L'Ecole Militaire (bottom right) and the city of Paris.


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