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Navigating Madrid without speaking fluent Spanish was an incredible learning experience.  Sheila Zile, my roommate for 17 days, and I power shopped in Madrid.  We found this billboard for "Traffic," at Plaza del Sol when we were shoe shopping.  Later, we found ourselves in front of designer Manuel Herrero's leather shop.

We met Dr. Kenneth Meyer, our professor, at the hotel for lunch and a trip through Palacio Real.  The king and queen don't actually live at the palace, but they do entertain guests and hold other functions there.

The gardens outside the palace are beautiful.  It was nice to see anything green after a long, Iowa winter.  Inside the palace, I shot one of the many chandeliers that adorn the building.

Workers discovered an ancient city outside the palace during construction of the adjoining cathedral.  Archeologists continue to study the ruins.

The statue of Fernando stands tall in the park across the street from the palace.  Sheila and I posed while Dr. Meyer shot this picture outside the palace before we all went for Italian ice cream.

I took it easy on Sunday with a relaxing visit to Museo de Ciudad (City Museum) and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.


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